06 Nov

“Did you expect that I’m the man who took drugs,” said his lecture to a classroom Dominik Nekolný. “I had a cigarette in my life or grass. From 21 years of living without drugs (ie. Without alcohol – Ed. Ed.). Ten years I did not even drink, “he gave his life to look nice sportsman and world champion from 2014 BMX Freestyle.

At nearly two hour lectures as part of Friday’s SPORT Life Youth took his audience from 6 to 9 classes from the first moment. He presented them with his 5 points – from lifestyle without drugs, over the Straight Edge philosophy that governs to the idea that it is important to have your dream come true and for him to go. The lecture was a discussion with children – asked about their dreams and goals, listened attentively, asking them additional questions. A youth was ahead about who to him about his goals and bottlenecks on the road behind them say before.

“The main idea of ​​Straight Edge is: do not destroy or destroy your mind and your body. Why talk about it is to know that this philosophy exists. It’s about you affect your surroundings, “he explained thirty athlete until the last minute information and equestrian performances packed lecture urged children and teenagers to not allow themselves to affect the environment in the bad. But in order to pursue their dreams.