"Did you expect that I'm the man who took drugs," said his lecture to a classroom Dominik Nekolný. "I had a cigarette in my life or grass. From 21 years of living without drugs (ie. Without alcohol - Ed. Ed.). Ten years I did not even drink, "he gave his life to look nice sportsman and world champion from 2014 BMX Freestyle. At nearly two hour lectures as part of Friday's SPORT Life Youth took his audience from 6 to 9 classes from the first moment. He presented them with his 5 points - from lifestyle without drugs, over the Straight Edge philosophy that governs to the idea that it is important to have your dream come true and for him to go. The lecture was a discussion with children - asked about their dreams and goals, listened attentively, asking them additional questions. A youth was ahead about who to him about his goals and bottlenecks on the road behind them say before. "The main idea of ​​Straight Edge is: do not destroy or destroy your mind and your body. Why talk about it is to know that this philosophy exists. It's about you affect your surroundings, "he explained thirty athlete until the last minute information and equestrian performances packed lecture urged children and teenagers to not allow themselves to affect the environment in the bad. But in order to pursue their dreams.

BVV Sportlife

As part of preventive educational activities we are invited to school very non-traditional instructor. For this election, we came thanks to some very positive feedback across a number of schools. In the second stage of the gymnasium pupils very engaging way to tell your life story of a man who had never drugs or cigarettes neholdoval, many, as well as with our confirmed reminds commonly known as "junkie". Instead of hanging out in pubs around 16 years devoted all his free time trainings. The results are beginning to show, diligence, effort and perseverance eventually earned Dominika Nekolný among the world leaders in 2014 and the world title in BMX. Today, a complete teetotaler daily devotes one hand trainings and lecturing at schools. Lecture demonstrations added tricks that performs at competitions around the world. Children of first instance has failed to hear a lecture, but the more they enjoyed BMX show during which Dominik put in a very wide range of tricks that impressed everyone. To all who had the opportunity to watch the program, Dominik made a huge impression and children took both narratives and examples of how a professional athlete during his BMX career, learned to control his bike.

ZŠ Nepomuk

Rated 5 out of 5
Good evening, I very much regret that I was unable to attend today's lecture. The response from the students was great (just wrote to me on FB) and I hope they took a lot from the lecture and taken it to the heart 🙂 Have a very nice and I wish you lots of success in both personal as well as sporting life ? Regards, I. Kindlová

Middle school Dolní Roveň

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Attract students of our school so that in addition to interesting experiences and lessons were carrying home is not easy. Incentive program that allows us 3. 1. 2013 showed Dominik Nekolný, our students strongly and positively impressed. His young sporty performance interleaved non-violent and non-violent educational commentary all received with enthusiasm. We recommend it especially suitable as a form of prevention of negative phenomena in the group of "teenagers".

ISŠ Jirkov – Rakovník

Thank you, Dominik Nekolny for his bravura performance sports. With its program spoke at the International Meeting of Youth beekeeping November 27, 2012, which was a huge success in all of its 150 participants. His sports-incentive zone strongly impressed on the children present in eight orphanages. Highly recommended!

Úsek práce s mládeží

28 2. 2013 took place at our school motivational lecture Drug Free and Straight Edge with a unique BMX Show Dominika Nekolný. His performances saw the pupils of first and second instance. Sporty performance punctuated educational commentary and pupils spontaneously get information about the dangers of the impact of socio-pathological phenomena in society. Highly recommended!

ZŠ Plaňany

Finally meaningful actions that our eternally dissatisfied students really appreciated. Big thanks for your work and much success in your sporting career.

ZŠ Sokolov

Rated 5 out of 5
Hello, thank you very much for the wonderful anti-drug lecture, which is for children from 9th grade local primary schools took place May 21, 2015. Children were addressed in an unusual way and it provoked in them enthusiasm. It certainly was not the last action you and if it goes a little bit, we would like you to invite Mimoně again. Already we are looking forward to it. We wish a lot of sporting achievements.

ZŠ Mimoň, Mimoň

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Furthermore, I do not know whether you have lectures on practical basic school and special, but you did it more than excellent. Usually, students are afraid of strangers any manifest (unfortunately not because of their knowledge, but thanks to my bad experience) You've proved enriching. In other cases, almost all the time quiet!

ZŠ praktická, Hrádek nad Nisou

Rated 5 out of 5
Students praised lecture and many of them highly appreciated that you are talking about specific cases. They feared that if the lecture in the classroom, it will only how to say "dry theory". I am very happy that their fears materialized. Even eternal rebels were very satisfied. Maybe these few lines assure that this activity doing really well.

Masarykova ZŠ a MŠ Nezamyslice

Rated 5 out of 5
I would like to thank to Dominik Nekolny for motivational lecture with drug themes, which took place in our school 05.02 2014. It was conducted peacefully very close to adolescents. Dominik she stressed the importance of having a goal in life, go for it and try to achieve it. He is proof, which showed his BMX show from which pupils were thrilled. The lecture definitely recommend to all. Dominic was very helpful and willing to answer all questions. I would like to wish him every success in the sports career.

ZŠ Kuželov, Kuželov

Rated 5 out of 5
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