2$ / student (from Prague)

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This program is for elementary and high schools. The first part of the program is the anti-drug part, where Dominik lectures students about lifestyle without drugs. The second part is motivational, where Dominik discusses what drug free lifestyle has given him.

The lecture takes place mostly in the gym. Dominik has a sound system and a headband microphone, so about 150 students can participate the lecture, without losing focus. The lecture includes great BMX Show by World Champion – DominiK Nekolný.

  • For middle and high school
  • Number of students: 60-150
  • Length: 45min
  • Area: gym
  • Lectures per day: possible up to 4 lectures
  • Requests: gym


1$ / student (from Prague)


Due to great interest from schools I add this program so the other schools could order for their elementary degree. This is a super show performed by the world champion Dominika Nekolný. Jumping over the kids, signatures, photos and much more!

The program for elementary schools is usually held after the main lecture for the middle school degree. It is long about 20 minutes, during which Dominik show the best tricks, jump over the few bravest kids and he gives away super signcards and small things from his sponsors in remembrance.

  • For elementary schools
  • Number of students: 60-150
  • Length: 20min
  • Area: gym
  • Timeschedule: usually the show after the lecture for middle school
  • Requests: gym
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